Sunset Shawlette

I purchased one skein of this yarn from Angela’s Shorn Fibers’ Etsy shop quite a while ago. I had no idea what I’d knit, I just knew I loved the colourway which is called ‘Sunset’. A few months later I bought another skein, however, Angela advised me it was a bit lighter than the one I’d previously purchased.

Shorn Fibers Sunset 03-tile

Firstly, I was quite chuffed that she’d either checked or recalled what I’d previously purchased and was kind enough to advise me the skeins were slightly different. I decided to go ahead with the second skein.

Now sometimes I immediately have in mind what I want to knit when I purchase some yarn. Other times I have no idea at all; I simply pack the yarn away and await for some pattern inspiration. The latter scenario is what happened with these two skeins of yarn.

A month or so ago I bought a few knitting pattern books from a local charity stall for 50 cents each. I flicked though one of the magazines and was instantly drawn to this pattern called Stripey Shawlette. This magazine is no longer available and I can’t find a date on it anywhere so I’m not sure what year it was published but what did catch my eye is that the pattern writer also happens to be the owner/operator of another one of my favourite Brisbane online yarn shops called ‘Yay for Yarn’. What a coincidence!

Lets go knitting mag

Stripey Shawlette pic

Here is my Sunset Shawlette which is made a bit larger than the pattern stipulated.

Sunset Shawlette 01

It blocked beautifully and drapes like a dream.

Sunset Shawlette 02

Can you notice the slight difference in ‘brightness’ between the shawl and the ruffle on the edge? I thought this would be the perfect yarn to use as the edge frill is a natural demarcation point where a slight difference in colour wouldn’t matter.

Sunset Shawlette 09

As mentioned, the yarn is Shorn Fibers’ High Twist Singles Fingering which is a 4ply, 100% merino yarn. I used size 4.5mm needles to knit the shawlette. I should probably call it a shawl as it’s a lot larger than a shawlette!

That’s what I love about yarn; sometimes it beckons to be used straight away on a specific knitting project and at other times it is quite happy to nestle warmly with my other stashed yarn until it decides what it would like to be made into J

Sunset Shawlette 03

Sunset Shawlette 04

Here’s a picture of the shawl that shows its unusual construction.

Sunset Shawlette 06

Sunset Shawlette 05

Sunset Shawlette 07

Sunset Shawlette 08

I have also been very busy building a website for the Redlands Spinners & Weavers Inc and I must say I’m very happy with the finished product!

I’ve also just finished blocking two more shawls….just waiting for them to dry off now.

I hope you’re having a wonderful weekend. Time for a cup of coffee and a snack for me!

Until next time…