A Fancy of Facecloths!

It’s that time of the year again when lots of small Christmas gatherings occur and you need to provide token Secret Santa gifts. This year I’ve decided my gifts will be a couple of facecloths and a soap. And they’re hand knitted facecloths of course!

I’ve made quite a few over the year and this is a selection of them. They won’t all be given away but I thought I’d show them to you. This is my collective noun for my facecloths: a ‘fancy’ of facecloths.

This great little pattern is called The Almost Lost Washcloth and I found it on Ravely (where else?). It is so simple to make. The yarn I used is Lincraft Bamboozle which is a 70% bamboo / 30% cotton yarn. I used 5.5mm needles.

Almost Forgotten Washcloth Bamboozle Pink 01

Another one made in a blue mix Bamboozle yarn.

Almost Forgotten Washcloth Lincraft Bamboozle Blue 01

And another one made using Moda Vera Lumino which is a 60% cotton / 40% acrylic yarn. I used size 5.5mm needles.

Almost Forgotten Washcloth MV Lumino 01

One more using Moda Vera Gelato and Moda Vera Lumino combined just for something different! I used size 4.5mm needles.

Almost Forgotten Washcloth MV Gelato MV Lumino 01

This one was made using Moda Vera Gelato and Yatsal Craft Crochet Knitting Cotton using size 4.5mm needles.

Almost Forgotten Washcloth MV Gelato  01

And lastly, again using the Almost Lost Washcloth pattern (I told you it was an easy pattern 🙂 ) this little green facecloth using only Moda Vera Gelato and size 3.25 mm needles.

Almost Forgotten Washcloth MV Gelato 01

I was on a roll so did some more searching in Ravelry and found this lovely pattern called Round Dishcloth which can easily be used as a facecloth too. I used the pink mix Lincraft Bamboozle and size 5.5mm needles. This pattern makes a lovely generously sized facecloth using this type of yarn and needles.

Round Pink Bamboozle 01

As you can see I bought quite a bit of cotton a while ago and now I’m finally getting to use it!

This cute little pattern is called Country Charm Dishcloth and again, can be adapted as a facecloth. I used Sullivans Coton-A in this lovely orange. It’s a 60% cotton / 40% acrylic and I used size 5.0mm needles.

Country Charm Washcloth Coton-A Orange 01

And for a little bit of whimsy, this Bordered Heart-shaped Dishcloth using Lincraft Bamboozle and size 5.5 needles.

Bordered Heart Pink Bamboozle 01

Now to some square facecloths: the very cute ‘Love to Knit With My Friends‘ facecloth. You need to look at it from a certain angle to read the words. This was my best photo – taken while I was blocking it! I used Cascade Yarns Ultra Prima which is a 100% cotton and I used 3.75mm needles.

I Love to Knit 01

And the Lacy Dragon Large Scale Washcloth, also made with Cascade Yarns Ultra Prima cotton using size 4mm needles.

Lacy Dragon 02

And the beautiful Spa Day Faceceloth using Cascade Yarns Ultra Prima cotton and size 4mm needles.

Spa Cloth Blue 02

Nearly there! This is the Two Hearts as One Dishcloth made from Cascade Yarns Ultra Prima cotton using size 4mm needles.

Blue Heart 02

And finally, another whimsical washcloth: the cute little Leafy Washcloth made using Cascade Yarns Ultra Prima and size 4mm needles.

Garter Stitch Leaf 01

Wow! I didn’t realise how many I had actually made. I certainly have lots to pick from for Secret Santa gifts don’t I? And the scary thing is I still have more to show you; I just haven’t photographed them yet! Here’s the first one I’ve prepared: two facecloths with some handemade spearmint and oats soap.

Secret Santa 01

And I’ll pop it into this little Christmas bag…

Secret Santa 02

That’s my Secret Santa gifts all sorted! I hope I’ve given you some ideas for your Secret Santa gifts too.

Until next time…


To Market….To Market….

As you have by now gathered, most of my projects are knitted items. I do like to crochet as it’s faster than knitting but I’m not as good at reading crochet patterns as I am at reading a knitting pattern. For a while now I’ve been wanting to crochet a traditional looking eco market string bag; I’ve searched the internet for patterns, printed off a few but once I start reading them all the instructions just start swimming in front of my eyes and I give up!

A while ago I attempted this crocheted market bag called the Everyday Market Bag. The reason why I thought I’d give it a go was because it said it was easy! The instructions were very detailed to the point they were confusing. Here’s a direct link to them. What do you think?

I had completed about six inches when I gave up as I was so confused. I checked on Ravelry and obviously I wasn’t the only one. The general consensus was that the pattern was very poorly written. One Raveller even rewrote the pattern in easier pattern language but that still didn’t give me enough incentive to keep going so I put it aside.

So last week the latest copy of Australian Creative Knitting Magazine arrives in my letter box and lo and behold there’s a crocheted market bag pattern in it..

Creative Knitting 02

I read the pattern and actually thought I’d be able to make it!!! So I gathered some of that rather coarse wool that I wound into lots of balls a while ago.

Cone Wool 03

It’s the perfect wool for a market bag as it looks just like jute….very rustic. So I sat down a few days ago with the wool, my crochet hook and the pattern and this is what I produced…

Large left Small right 01

Yup that’s right….I actually crocheted two bags. The smaller one on the right was my first one. I used a size 5 hook for the body and size 4 for the handles. I also misinterpreted how to finish off the handles and just made up my own version which works well. The larger bag on the left was crocheted using only a size 5 hook and including one extra repeat. This time I read the pattern instruction for the final row of the handles over and over again until it sank in. In fact, I read it out loud a few times….my neighbours must think I’m losing the plot!

They look great and I’m really pleased with them but how about adding some leaves…

Leaves 01

and maybe some flowers….

Flowers 01

The pattern for the leaves is from the book The Complete Photo Guide to Knitting by Margaret Hubert. I borrowed it from the local library. The pattern for the flowers is from the Pansy Motif by Carol Schoenfelder and can be found free on Ravelry. Needless to say, I can now make the leaves and flowers in my sleep after knitting 16 leaves and crocheting eight flowers!! But I think it was worth the effort don’t you?

Large Bag 03

Oh and of course there’s a button in the middle of each flower.

Large Bag 04

I just can’t stop looking at them as I’m so pleased with the result.

Large Bag 05

This will definitely be my ‘go to’ pattern for a crocheted market bag.

Two Bags 04

The flowers and leaves really make the bags ‘pop’. The yarn I used for the flowers is just a cheap acrylic from Lincraft called Double Knitting and it’s an 8ply yarn. I bought it ages ago as I was quite taken with the colours (so glad I did). The yarn used for the leaves is Sullivans Coton-A which is a 60% cotton / 40% acrylic yarn. It’s a 5ply / sport weight and the recommended needle size is 5 but I used a 3.25mm for the leaves to try and make them quite dense.

Lincraft Double Knitting

Sullivans Cotton-A Green 03

Now for a few close up pics of the flowers and leaves.

Finished leaves flowers 01

Finished leaves flowers 05

Finished leaves flowers 06

And one more. I’m feeling quite chuffed and proud of myself 🙂

Finished leaves flowers 07

I love it when a project works out beyond my expectations especially when I’m using a craft that is not my number one craft.

Two Bags 06

So that’s how I spent the couple of days before Christmas and part of Christmas Day…crocheting two market bags from the perfect yarn! And of course, I made lunch and spent it with my favourite (and only) son!

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas Day spent with either family or friends and I hope you also managed to fit in a bit of knitting or crocheting too.

Until next time…


Lincraft Yarn Sale – 50% off!

No, this is not really a paid advertisement for Lincraft; it’s actually the worst message that can appear on my Facebook page! Of course, I had to jump in the car this morning after I’d finished vacuuming and mopping the floors and set off to Lincraft to see whether I could pick up bargains…..because you know…..I’m good at that! All these yarns were 50% off!

Lincraft Bamboozle 70% bamboo / 30% cotton AU$2.49 each. Earmarked for more market bags.

Lincraft Bamboozle Blue 01

Lincraft Bamboozle Pink 01

Patons Stella 40% acrylic / 39% wool / 20% alpaca / 1% polyester AU$4.49 each. I’m going to knit the cable beanie pattern on the ball band with these two blue balls of yarn.

Patons Stella Blue 01

And in silver too!

Patons Stella Silver 01

Cleckheaton Perfect Day 8ply 70% merino / 30% alpaca AU$3.99 each. I adore this yarn.

Cleckheaton Perfect Day Cream 01

Sullivans Aztec 45% alpaca / 35% acrylic / 20% polyamide AU$2.49 each

Sullivan Aztec Ivy 01

Lincraft Lullaby 4ply 100% Australian wool AU$2.49 each. I can see some gorgeous baby hats.

Lincraft Lullaby 01Sullivans Coton-A 5ply 60% cotton / 40% acrylic AU$2.99 each…..more market bags. Does that mean I’m officially a ‘bag lady’?

Sullivans Cotton-A Green 01

Sullivans Cotton-A Orange 01

Cleckheaton Country Tartan 8ply 100% wool AU$2.99 each. Another beanie for my boy.

Cleckheaton Country Tartan Blue 01

Lincraft Splendour 50% wool / 50% acrylic AU$2.49 each

Lincraft Splendour 01

These last two novelty yarns will probably be used for Christmas decorations.

Lincraft Flutter 100% polyester AU$0.64 each!!!!

Lincraft Flutter Green Red

Sullivans Scruffy 93% viscose rayon / 7% polyester AU$0.49 each!!

Sullivans Scruffy

Phew!! That’s it! I feel like a machine at times; buying yarn and then spitting out knitted garments 🙂

Gotta fly as I’m meeting the lovely ladies in my Knit and Knatter group just after lunch. I always enjoy our get togethers where we show off our yarn purchases and recently completed projects. Can’t believe how quickly that time flies.

Until next time…