It’s that time of the year when I gather lots of knitting projects, pack my car and drive to the beautiful seaside town of Noosaville located on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. The only downside is that most retirees from the southern states do the same thing to escape their bitterly cold winters to enjoy our balmy winter days.

It’s practically my second home and I love grabbing my chair and knitting and then stroll to my usual spot and gaze at this tranquil view for a few hours.

Noosaville Waterfront 14-7-17

I have started knitting another Pebble Beach Shawl although this one will be the small size as opposed to the large one I made a while ago.

Noosaville Waterfront 12-7-17

I’ve only given you a glimpse of the shawl; more will be revealed once I’ve finished it 🙂

I was going to bring along a spinning wheel but at the last moment changed my mind and brought along my Weave-It looms which I bought this year. I haven’t used them much so I thought this would be an ideal opportunity to practise some more.

Stretch loom 01

This particular Weave-It is a 6″ stretch loom and is perfect for weaving handspun yarn, 12ply yarn or in this case, mohair yarn.

Stretch loom 02

Not long ago I found this absolutely gorgeous baby garment pattern on Ravelry called Watermelon Baby Cardigan. It is a quick knit and looks adorable.

Watermelon Cardi Mauve Pink 01

This is what I call addictive knitting; something quick, colourful and so pretty.

Watermelon Cardi Green Orange 01Watermelon Cardi Green Navy 03

My internet connection here is soooo slow so I’m not sure how many posts I’ll be able to release as I don’t want to spend all my holiday time on the laptop!

So I’ll leave it there and get back to some knitting!

Until next time.


Holiday Opp Shopping!

Who’d have thought I’d go on holidays and manage to discover a whole lot of Opp shops in the area! I visited my sister in Mooloolaba and on the way home I stopped at Maroochydore as I’d discovered there’s a long stretch of Opp shops along Aerodrome Road. I cleaned them out of toy sheep!

This magnificent ram looks brand new and was only $4.50!

Noosaville sheep 01 Noosaville sheep 02 Noosaville sheep 03 Noosaville sheep 04These four sheep were discovered in Noosaville.

Noosaville 3 sheep Noosaville sheep 05c

And I found this little one in the Noosaville newsagent.

Noosaville sheep bought

Wow! where am I going to put them all when I get home???

Noosaville sheep 06And of course I also managed to pick up these four sheep mugs all at the same Opp shop in Tewantin.

Noosaville sheep mugs 01And this one from Maroochydore.

NZ sheep mugPlus these two little knick knacks. I think this little sheep would have resided in the kitchen with maybe some utensil resting in that hole??

Kitchen sheep 01Not sure what this little egg cup shape item would be used for but it looks cute 🙂

Egg cup 02I also visited the Eumundi Markets last Wednesday, which is a must for anyone visiting the area and found a stall filled with bags. There were hundreds of them. I asked the owner if he had any sheep bags and this is what I left with.

Sheep bag vinyl 02

It’s rather large and made from vinyl so is water repellent to a certain degree. I was quite exhausted after this purchase so I grabbed a coffee and a couple of sinful jam donuts 🙂

Sheep bag vinyl

And totally not related to sheep, I picked up these two pairs of shoes. I have more of these at home in different colours so I was really happy to pick up these ones. They are so comfy!

Beige shoes Navy shoesI’ve also been doing lots of knitting but for some reason I’m stuck on knitting fingerless mitts and haven’t touched any other projects. I’m also thinking about selling some of my knits through my MelsNattyKnits Facebook page. Once I’m home I’ll start sorting out what to sell.

I’ll leave you with a couple of my everyday views at Noosaville.

Pelican 16=7=16

Reading and coffee 12-7-16

DSC09404Until next time…


Knitting News from Noosaville

I’m now enjoying my fourth day of holidays and you could say I am completely relaxed. That’s what Noosaville is all about: relaxation, no stress, slow living, doing what I feel like and when I want to, knitting, walking, drinking coffee, meeting friends, eating lots and just being happy!

How can you not be happy when this is your view every day?

Noosa River 9-7-16I arrived on the Saturday around lunch time and was lucky to get the keys to my unit straight away so I unloaded my car and then headed off to the grocery store to stock up for the next week or so.

On Sunday, I met some friends for a coffee and lunch and then met some more friends along the banks of the Noosa River. It was so enjoyable chatting and having a drink of wine. On the way home to my unit I spotted this lone pelican on the river.

Pelican 10-7-16Yesterday, I did a bit of walking around to combat all the food I’ve already started eating!!

Today I spent about four hours sitting on the banks of the river reading and knitting. It was forecast to be a warmer day today despite the fact we’re in the middle of winter. However, under the shade of the tree I was sitting under it was quite cool and there was a strong breeze. Luckily I had brought a poncho with me so I was quite toasty and warm 🙂

Knitting on the river bank 12-7-16And then I took a walk along the esplanade and had a coffee and read some more 🙂 I’m reading Linwood Barclay‘s latest novel ‘Far From True’. He’s one of my favourite authors.

Reading and coffee 12-7-16Since I’ve been here I’ve made a pair of fingerless mitts.

Cosy Thermal Mitts Grey 05And this morning I completed the first in another pair!

Good Time Mitts Cosy Naturals 01I’ll give you more details in a later post. Suffice to say, I made my first pair of fingerless mitts about three weeks ago and since then I’ve completed about 10 pairs!!

Tomorrow I am off to meet with some of the spinners and knitters at Pomona which I am looking forward to.

Until next time…


Let the holidays begin!

Just a quick post to let you know I arrived in Noosaville yesterday for three weeks of relaxation, knitting, re-connecting with friends and just doing my own thing.

It’s always a big day packing the car and then the two hour drive interspersed with a coffee stop along the way.

Unpacked the car and then took off to do some grocery shopping, picked up a local paper and then back home for a late lunch of sourdough bread with olives, some dip and a glass of red wine. Delish!

Lunch Noosaville 10-7-15While reading the local paper I came across this little notice.

Noosa News Sheep Thrills article 10-7-15Needless to say I’ll be joining the ladies for social knitting this Thursday! Can’t wait.

When setting up my laptop I realised I’d left my wireless mouse at home. Grrr! I don’t like using the finger pad as it just seems to take me longer to do anything (hence the length of this post). I’ll have to pick up a cheap wireless mouse next time I’m near a computer store.

I’m meeting one of my friends this morning for a walk along the river front and then off for a well deserved coffee.

Until next time…


Yarning from Noosaville # 5

Today was the most spectacular winter’s day here on the Sunshine Coast. The bluest sky and hardly any wind. After enjoying a wonderful night with very good friends I met them along the banks of the Noosa River for a day long boat trip.

This is what greeted me as I walked along the river bank…

20-07-14 02 Noosaville

The river was like glass…

20-07-14 04 Noosaville

An early morning sail…

20-07-14 03 Noosaville

This is truly one of the most beautiful places in Australia and I am blessed to be able to visit here each year. No wonder all the southerners flock up here for our winters.

I’ve finished a couple of projects over the last two days so I’ll give you a quick look before I prepare a more detailed post about the names of the projects and the yarn used.

I love this ivy green scarf…

Nikolai Shawl 02

And this one too…

Ruffles Scarf 01

I am feeling quite exhausted after a full day in the sun but not too exhausted to do some more knitting tonight!

Until next time…


Yarning from Noosaville # 4

Another beautiful day in Noosaville. A bit more spinning this morning (I’ve now done about 100g of merino and started on the alpaca). A trip on the Noosa Ferry was in order as it was such a cloudless morning.

17-07-14 01 Noosaville

This is the view from the back of the ferry. You can just see the block of units where I’m staying…

17-07-14 02 Noosaville

One of the beautiful shady trees along the river bank of the Noosa River…

17-07-14 03 Noosaville

Preening pelicans…

17-07-14 04 Noosaville

The Boathouse Restaurant…

17-07-14 05 Noosaville

Having a coffee break in the park at Tewantin…

17-07-14 06 Noosaville

Can’t you just feel the serenity…

17-07-14 07 Noosaville

I have finally finished one of my projects! However, as I didn’t bring along my blocking gear this shawl is looking a bit wrinkled and probably only half the size that it will be once its blocked…

17-07-14 08 Noosaville

Whilst having a wine after my strenuous day’s activities, I found this little advertisement in the local paper. I might wander down tomorrow and join some other ‘knitty’ folk…

17-07-14 09 Noosaville

And another beautiful day closes with this gorgeous sunset…

17-07-14 10 Noosaville

Until next time…



Yarning from Noosaville # 3

Today dawned a bit overcast so I did a bit of spinning in the unit and then ventured down to the river bank with my knitting again for about three hours. Of course, a caffeine hit is a must on these occasions…

15-07-14 01 Noosaville

This was followed by a walk along the Noosa River taking in the sights. Of course, it wouldn’t be a trip to Noosaville without spotting a pelican…

15-07-14 02 Noosaville

15-07-14 03 Noosaville

And there’s no excuse for not going out onto the river in a boat as there’s a plethora of boat hire businesses dotted along the river front…

15-07-14 04 Noosaville

Now Australia is famous for quite a few ‘big’ things. There’s the Big Pineapple on the Sunshine Coast, the Big (Golden) Gumboot at Tully, the Big Prawn at Ballina, the Big Merino at Goulburn; in fact there’s a website devoted to all of Australia’s ‘big’ things.

And here at Noosaville we have the Big Pelican

15-07-14 05 Noosaville

It was built circa 1977 in Noosa Council’s workshop for Rotoract as a float for the Festival of the Waters Parade.

15-07-14 06 Noosaville

The Big Pelican participated in many parades but fell into disrepair a number of times and was subsequently relocated around Noosaville and repaired.

15-07-14 07 Noosaville

In 2007 agreement with Noosa Council for a permanent location in the foreshore park in front of Pelican Boat Hire was reached. Pelican Boat Hire agreed to complete a full restoration of the structure with a fence and garden. Functionality was fully restored and the Big Pelican is now ready for street parades.

15-07-14 08 Noosaville

And if you need to know what’s around you at Noosaville, there’s a great map to assist you…

15-07-14 09 Noosaville

Now you won’t get a better combination than a book shop and a coffee shop (unless of course it’s a yarn  shop!)…

15-07-14 10 Noosaville

I had a coffee there while I read the paper on Sunday so today I thought I’d visit the book shop. I picked up these three lots of hemp twine of all things! I’ll use these as drive bands on my spinning wheels. Don’t you love all those colours?.

15-07-14 11 Noosaville

Now you know when you give a child a present and they spend more time playing with the paper? Well in this case I spent more time admiring the handmade bag the hemp came in.

15-07-14 12 Noosaville

It’s a carry bag made from recycled newspaper. Isn’t it just amazing?

15-07-14 14 Noosaville

I just Googled ‘how to make a carry bag out of newspaper’ and found quite a few sites. Maybe this could be a project for me….one day.

15-07-14 13 Noosaville

Until next time…


Yarning from Noosaville # 2

I’ve brought along my spinning wheel and some wool tops to Noosaville so this morning I sat down and started spinning some undyed merino as I am hoping to visit a friend of mine on my return home for a ‘dyeing’ session. And yes, those floor tiles are blue! In fact the whole unit is decorated in 1980s blue and yellow!

14-07-14 01 Noosaville

My intention is to take my spinning wheel down to the river bank to do some spinning but it was quite windy today and I’m not sure how I’d go controlling all these wool tops! So it was back to knitting for a couple of hours…

14-07-14 02 Noosaville

It was getting a bit cloudy and cool so back to my unit I toddled grabbed my backpack and camera and took a brisk walk around Noosaville and snapped these gorgeous pictures.

A stunning orange hibiscus…

14-07-14 05 Noosaville

A hidden beetle (aren’t those colours amazing!)…

14-07-14 07 Noosaville

Some summery yellow gazanias…

14-07-14 09 Noosaville

A beautiful red hibiscus…

14-07-14 10 Noosaville

One of my favourite shrubs…the croton. I had no idea possums liked eating croton leaves. I’ve actually seen a possum sitting in my croton shrub and demolishing the leaves which I’m not too happy about I must say.

14-07-14 11 Noosaville

This lovely green/gold leaf shrub…

14-07-14 14 Noosaville

A stunning bird of paradise…

14-07-14 15 Noosaville

And finally, this lovely pinky/red coloured plant. I have no idea what it is though…

14-07-14 16 Noosaville

As I was heading back home I dropped into a warehouse store that was closing down and found these three sheep looking for a home! I had to rescue them of course. They sure look happy to be at my place don’t they?

14-07-14 17 Noosaville

Now, my friend Helen will think I have finally lost the plot as I already have two of these sheep at home. Oh well, I’m a sucker for a sheep…or five!

To finish off I’d like to share with you some beautiful photos taken by a friend of mine. She showed them on Facebook and I was immediately drawn to them. I have her permission to show them to you. They’re photos of the remains of S.S. Dicky taken at Dicky Beach at Caloundra on the Sunshine Coast which is not far from where I’m staying.

Dicky Beach Sunset July 14 01

Aren’t those colours spectacular? Mother Nature at her best. Thanks Debra for taking such stunning photos.

Dicky Beach Sunset July 14 02

That’s my news for today. It’s now getting a bit dark and time for me to snuggle up with my dinner and my knitting and watch some telly.

Until next time…


Yarning from Noosaville # 1

Yay! It’s finally here…. my annual sojourn to Noosaville. I arrived yesterday after an early rise, packing my car, driving up, doing some grocery shopping and settling in. I was quite exhausted to say the least. It also happened to be the coldest Brisbane morning in over a 100 years and yet I certainly didn’t feel it. Must be because I was moving around so much.

From working in a very cold building to being at Noosaville is a massive weather change. It’s beautiful in the sun and there are people wandering around in swimmers and shorts. I’m not that game though. It’s still cool enough in the shade to wear some of my handmade winter woollies…thank goodness as I brought quite a few with me.

This is the view of the Noosa River from outside my unit this afternoon. Can you see the lone stand-up paddler?.

13-07-14 01 Noosaville

Looking up the river towards Tewantin…

13-07-14 02 Noosaville

Directly outside my unit. I wish I was brave enough to drive one of those huge RVs so I could travel around the country.

13-07-14 03 Noosaville

The colourful sails of a catamaran…

13-07-14 04 Noosaville

Now to get down to the knitty business. Over the last few days I’ve gone mad and started three projects. Here’s a sneak preview. The first one…

Nikolai Shawl 01

No 2…

Pi Shawl 01

And No 3 (don’t you just love that yarn!)…

Sunday Sunrise Shawl 01

I don’t usually show you my projects until they’re finished but I’m in a generous holiday mood! Can anyone guess the name of each of the patterns?

I’m off to have dinner on the banks of the Noosa River with some dear friends of mine who live up here. Good food, good wine and even better company….it’ll be a great evening.

Until next time…


Noosaville Knitting News – The Final Instalment!

Sadly today will be my last posting from Noosaville as I leave tommorrow and head back home after two weeks of sheer relaxation combined with knitting, meeting friends, drinking coffee, eating, shopping and sleeping in until 60.30am….yes that’s a sleep in for me. But the good news is that I still have another two weeks holidays that I’ll spend at home.

Today dawned with a beautiful rainbow…


So off I went to the newsagency and bought a Lotto ticket for Saturday night. Surely this must be a positive sign! On the way back I stopped at ‘Raw Energy’ for a coffee and lovely piece of vegan fruit slice which was chock-a-block full of fruit and nuts. It was scrumptious. I also took that opportunity to read some more of my book so I can take it back to the library when I get home tomorrow.

When I got home I grabbed my knitting and chair and wandered down to the ‘knitting tree’ for the last time this holiday 😦 I’ve been working on my Bluey Socks and have now finished the first one.

Bluey Socks 06

And of course, I had a visit from my little friends again…the seagulls…


This was the river front view I had this morning. A bit cloudy but still so tranquil and relaxing.

Noosa River

Yesterday, I visited Belmondos at Noosaville with a friend. Belmondos is a huge fresh food market situated right in the middle of the industrial area of Noosaville but it is a haven for foodies. It stocks all sorts of gourmet food and ingredients not normally found in your local Coles or Woolies. Plus their coffee is divine! They also happen to have a small selection of handmade soap so I bought these three.

Goats Milk Soaps 02

May Chang (Litsea Cubea) is one of my all time favourite essential oils. It is not overly expensive so I tend to use it quite liberally. The last time I bought it, it was in a 500ml container!

Goats Milk Soaps 04

Did I mention to you that Elvis is here in Noosaville? Well he is…or should I say he has a fish and chip shop quite near my unit so I’ve visited it a few times. In fact I’ll probably buy my dinner there tonight.


When I get home I’ll be writing some posts on all the knitting projects I completed over the last two weeks as I’ll be able to take some better photos using my two mannequins so you can look forward to lots of information and pictures about my Falling Water Scarf, Scrappy Mint Socks, In Threes Baby Cardigan, Bas Relief Hat, Red Basket Weave Scarf, Elinya Shawl and Bluey Socks. My I have been busy haven’t I!

Tomorrow afternoon I’ll be meeting with the Redland Spinners and Weavers ladies at The Artist Tree cafe. It’ll be great to catch up with them as I missed the last get together.

I hope you have enjoyed these short posts over the last two weeks from Noosaville. It’s been fun taking the photos and showing you a beautiful part of the Sunshine Coast here in Queensland.

So until next time…when I’m back in Brissie…