A Stash of Seven Spinning Wheels

Yikes I’ve bought two more spinning wheels within the last week! I’ve actually bought three within the last couple of months but I sold one of them. In December I found this lovely Little Peggy spinning wheel for sale on Ebay and I won the bidding at $101.

Little Peggy 1

It had been nicely restored and was a good find. As I already have a Little Peggy I decided to sell this one and managed to get $200 for it. This little one even came with the original threading hook which I didn’t have so I kept her!

Last Saturday I bought this Ettrick Standard on Gumtree for $100.

Ettrick Wheel 04

I used my magic concoction of 50% boiled linseed oil and 50% pure gum turps to give her a quick clean and polish and she looks beautiful now!

Ettrick Wheel 05

That little hole is for the threading hook which I have got…just forgot to put it back before I took the photo!

Ettrick Wheel 07

Here it is!

Ettrick Wheel 19

The treadle/footman had a bit of dodgy string so I’ve since used some leather to fix it up.

Ettrick Treadle Footman join

And today I picked up this Ashford Traditional plus some accessories that I won on Ebay for $51.

Ebay pic

A bargain considering it includes two hand carders plus the Lazy Kate (and four bobbins). There was also the original user manual plus some other printed spinning literature.

Ebay pic 02

As soon as I got home I gave her a nice coating of my magic concoction and she came up a treat.

Ashford Traditional No 2 01

The leather piece that joins the footman and treadle had completely broken however the previous owner had also given me some pieces of leather so I fashioned a new one and voila!

Ashford Traditional No 2 05

Luckily I had an Ashford maintenance kit as I had to replace all the hooks, spring, drive belt and I also have a nice new threading hook too!

Ashford Traditional No 2 02

I was going to on-sell this little wheel as I already have an Ashford Traditional however I’m quite smitten with the colour of this one so I’ll hang on to her for a while I think.

Ashford Traditional No 2 06

I’m quite happy with these two bargains within the last week.

Ashford Traditional No 2 09

I now have two Ashford Traditionals, one Ashford Traveller, one Little Peggy, one Wee Peggy, one Tarra Carousel and one Ettrick Standard. Seven spinning wheels you’re no doubt thinking. I know! I know! I’m crazy aren’t I? I mean you can only use one at a time can’t you?

L to R: Spinning chair, Ashford Traveller and Tarra Carousel.

7 Wheels 01

L to R: Little Peggy, Wee Peggy, Ettrick Standard, new Ashford Traditional, my first ever spinning wheel – Ashford Traditional.

7 Wheels 02

L to R: Ettrick Standard and two Ashford Traditionals.

7 Wheels 03

L to R: Little Peggy, Wee Peggy and Ettrick Standard.

7 Wheels 04

Now I need to get cracking and start using them all. I know I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again….there are just not enough hours in the day.

I think my new mantra should be “I will not look at Ebay and Gumtree, I will not look at Ebay and Gumtree…..” What do you think?

Until next time…



Tarra Carousel Flyer Hooks

I am sooo excited because I have managed to source some of the flyer hooks for my Tarra Carousel spinning wheel that I purchased recently on Ebay.

Remember when I showed you this picture that I featured on my blog post? One of the hooks had lost its winding mechanism.

Tarra Carousel After 02a

Well this is what I’ve managed to source….three pairs of the hooks!!

Tarra Carousel Flyer Hooks 01

Tarra Carousel Flyer Hooks 02

Oh the excitement as I opened the package and tried them and they all fit perfectly 🙂

I must thank ‘Spinneroo’ from the Australian Spinning Wheel Group on Ravelry who directed me to the Victorian Handweavers and Spinners Guild. The lovely Dorothy assisted me. I provided her with the above photo (with the arrows in it) which enabled her to identify the Guild did have the flyer locking hooks. Two for $5 so I bought six so I can have some spares.

It doesn’t take much to make me happy 🙂

Until next time….


My Latest….the Tarra Carousel Spinning Wheel

Yes, you could say I am officially addicted to spinning wheels. Just managed to buy my third one in as many weeks! I am now the proud owner of a Tarra Carousel spinning wheel which brings my total to four wheels. There are always lots of second hand spinning wheels for sale on Ebay however most of them are generally located in Victoria so when I manage to source them close to my home, I feel I’d be mad not to take advtange of that! That’s my rationale for buying them 🙂

Tarra wheels were made in Yarram, Victoria; by 1984 they had produced
over 10,000. Tarra made a variety of models, and changes were made over time: in
general the construction became lighter and the treadle smaller. Their horizontal wheels have characteristic rectangular tops to the maidens and wheel support posts. Most are made of Tasmanian Myrtle, nothofagus cunninghamii. Tarra uprights included the Carousel with horizontal maidens. There was  also a plainer model just called “Upright”.(From New Zealand Spinning Wheels website).

As mentioned, I bought her on Ebay and this time only had a 30 minute drive to pick her up. She cost me $170 (Australian dollars) and here’s the photo that appeared on Ebay. Look at all that excess wool that’s hanging off her. Makes for a great photo doesn’t it?

Tarra Carousel wheel

It took me a while to get rid of all that wool and this is her before the big clean up. The flyer has a bit of surface rust.

Tarra Carousel Before 01

Bobbins minus all the wool…

Tarra Carousel Before 03

She was very dusty…

Tarra Carousel Before 05

All the bits and pieces…five bobbins and even a threading hook! I RP7 (WD40) and a kitchen dish scrubber was used to clean the metal rods and the flyer.

Tarra Carousel Before 09

After the clean up. Unfortunately one tiny part is missing (blue arrow). As you can see from the green arrow, there’s a small locking mechanism which is missing from the other side. It is needed to tighten the hook onto the flyer. I have emailed the seller on the off chance it fell off in the box while he was lifting it out but I’m not optimistic. I will have a chat to the staff at Bunnings tomorrow to get some ideas as what I could use as a substitute. Any ideas?

Tarra Carousel After 02a

Nice and shiny after a bit of cedar oil. Note the three weights at the bottom of the wheel….they allow the wheel to always return to the same position. Very clever.

Tarra Carousel After 03

Nice clean and polished bobbins…

Tarra Carousel After 06

The threading hook sits in that little hole. I have since widened the gap between the top handle and the mother of all so the threading hook doesn’t hit the mother of all.

Tarra Carousel After 08

The leather that joins the footman to the treadle board…

Tarra Carousel After 09

Three of my four girls…from left to right….Little Peggy, Wee Peggy and Tarra Carousel. Don’t they match my wall unit? They all look so ‘at home’.

Three Wheels

In all her shining glory….

Tarra Carousel After 10

Now, I’ve saved the best for last…she came with the original manuals!!!! Yes, that’s right I have these lovely manuals about Tarra Spinning Wheels: How to care for, maintain and spin on your Tarra Spinning Wheel.

Tarra Manual 01

Tarra Manual 02

Tarra Manual 03

Tarra Manual 04

Tarra Manual 05

She also came with these photocoped instructions on Learn to Spin that were published by Ashford Handicrafts in New Zealand. They’re photocopied on foolscap paper so I’m assuming we’re looking at the 1970s / early 1980s. I remember typing on foolscap and quarto paper in 1974 when I started working in the State Government 🙂

Learn to Spin (2)

And finally, a bound book called Wool Gathering published by the Hamilton Wool and Craft Guild in New Zealand. It is in very good condition. Originally published in 1974 and the fourteenth reprint was in 1985, it has chapters on everything imaginable about spinning, dyeing, tanning, knitting patterns, recipes for bread, rearing a pet lamb, hand papermaking and introduction to a herb garden. Talk about a cornucopia of information! It contains just over 90 pages.

Wool Gathering 01

Wool Gathering 02

You know I feel quite privileged to own such a beautiful piece of Australian history. Now I just need to start using all these wheels rather than keep buying them.

Oh and one more piece of good news. The Redlands Spinners and Weavers meets on the second and fourth Tuesday of every month just around the corner from where I live. I could practically walk there but would look funny carrying my spinning wheel down the street. Anyway, they have now added additional meetings: every second and fourth Saturday afternoon between 1.30pm and 3.30pm at The Artist Tree which is also in the same suburb that I live in. So that’s where I’m going this Saturday afternoon. So excited!!

Talk soon…