New Zealand Wool Haul!

I have finally managed to sort out all the wool I bought in New Zealand! Wow, did I buy that much??

Knit World in Dunedin is a must visit. The prices are very reasonable (and cheaper than some other shops in Dunedin) and the array is vast!

122-dunedin-knit-world-20161104 123-dunedin-knit-world-20161104 124-dunedin-knit-world-20161104 125-dunedin-knit-world-20161104 126-dunedin-knit-world-20161104 127-dunedin-knit-world-20161104 128-dunedin-knit-world-20161104I was quite tempted by these Touch Yarns Lace scarf kits using this 2ply blend of 80% alpaca / 20% merino.

touch-lace-2ply-kit-01 touch-lace-2ply-kit-02Four 50g balls of Happy Feet sock yarn never goes astray! I bought some of this yarn last year and it made a lovely pair of socks.

happy-feet-4ply-pink-blue happy-feet-4plyAnd another 100g ball of sock yarn; this time Nako Boho.nako-sock-yarnA visit to the Stuart Street Potters Co-operative in Dunedin is well worth it. As well as a huge array of pottery goods, they also sell some hand dyed yarn which I couldn’t resist. This is 200g of a 4ply Corriedale dyed in lovely shades of blue, green and plum.

4-ply-dyed-aThis 4ply blend of 15% alpaca / 55% merino / 20% nylon / 10% possum is called Roast Chestnuts 🙂
alpaca-merino-nylon-possum-4ply-02The pottery was also quite stunning and I had to have this mug which had a sheep on one side and a sheep dog on the other 🙂

130a-dunedin-20161104On arrival at The Octagon in Dunedin there were some markets setting up (I believe they set up whenever there’s a cruise ship in town). A quick look around and I found a stall run by Flagstaff Alpacas. I just couldn’t resist these 4 x 200g skeins of gorgeous hand dyed alpaca.
flagstaff-alpaca-4ply-01There were so many to pick from!

115-dunedin-20161104 117-dunedin-20161104In Wellington I, and one of my travelling companions, were very fortunate indeed as we spent the day with Mary Knox, who’s so knowledgeable when it comes to New Zealand spinning wheels and spinning in general. Mary took us to the Holland Road Yarn Company. What bliss it was to be in this shop!

99-holland-rd-yarn-co-wellington-20161102 100-holland-rd-yarn-co-wellington-20161102 101-holland-rd-yarn-co-wellington-20161102 102-holland-rd-yarn-co-wellington-20161102 103-holland-rd-yarn-co-wellington-20161102 104-holland-rd-yarn-co-wellington-20161102It was so hard to select yarns from the huge array but this is what I ended up buying. Six balls of Outlaw Yarn Bohemia Sport 5ply which is a 45% alpaca / 45% wool / 10% other very soft yarn indeed.

outlaw-yarnTwo 50g skeins of Malabrigo Lace baby merino.

malabrigo-lace-02I also visited a few other shops where I managed to pick up a few different balls of yarn. This is the very popular Opal Sweet & Spicy sock yarn.

opal-sock-greenAnother kit; this time a Touch Yarns 4ply pure merino.
touch-yarns-4ply-kitA visit to the Agrodome is a must if you’re into yarn! As well as the sheep show, there’s a large Woollen Mill shop which is filled to the brim of lovely yarn and yarn garments.

26-agrodome-2016103128c-agrodome-20161031All the beautiful wool!!
58-agrodome-20161031 59-agrodome-20161031 60-agrodome-20161031 62-agrodome-20161031I’ve never heard of this particular brand of yarn called Tree Children and I was told it would no longer be available so I bought these three balls of 4ply alpaca / merino.
tree-children-4plyI’m quite exhausted after looking at everything I’ve bought. Now I just need to find the right pattern to go with the yarn, in particular the Outlaw Bohemia and the Tree Children yarn. Any pattern suggestions??

Until next time…


The Agrodome Rotorua

I can’t believe how the last two weeks have flown by. I am now back from my wonderful cruise around the beautiful New Zealand and am in the process of unpacking, washing, sorting out souvenir gifts and of course, catching up with my blog.

I met some wonderful people on the cruise and quite a few knitters too! It’s amazing how many people stopped to chat with me and to ask what I was knitting. I managed to finish one scarf, start another and complete a pair of socks. There’s lots of knitting time when you’re sailing for three and four days in a row!

Cruising is very bad for your waistline I must say as you’re tempted with so much wonderful food. And every meal is three courses too. After a couple of days I cut out the large lunches as I couldn’t justify eating when I wasn’t actually hungry. One of the cafes had small rolls with salmon and salad and that sufficed until dinner time.

Here’s an example of an entree: Marinated Seafood Salad with Avocado… Entree And a main meal: Marinated Barramundi Fillet with Munthari Butter Sauce… Main Meal I forgot to photograph the dessert I had that night which was Baked Alaska ‘Grand Finale’.

Anyway I digress…..I am going to simply concentrate on one area for each post rather than trying to tell you everything in one story. And my stories won’t be in any particular order either.

One of the shore excursions offered by Princess Cruises on this cruise was a visit to The Agrodrome at Rotorua. It immediately piqued my interest as I am sure it would yours too!

I managed to snap this photo as the bus rounded the entrance. I’m quite pleased how it turned out as I was struggling to get my camera positioned for the photo. Agrodome 01 The Agrodome has won the coveted New Zealand Tourism Award for the New Zealand’s Best Visitor Attraction a number of times, and has been awarded more than once for their outstanding service and contribution to the New Zealand Tourism Industry. The Agrodome is not just a fun visitor attraction; it is also a real 350-acre (160-hectare) working sheep and cattle farm with 1200 sheep and 120 beef cattle.

The highlight of my visit was the 19 different sheep breeds that were featured and they were the real thing too! Agrodome 09Each sheep ran up the tiered structure and stood on their particular named tier. It was simply amazing to see so many different breeds of sheep in the same place. The # 1 sheep was the merino. Agrodome 07 Some of the sheep did little tricks like deliberately stopping on the wrong tier and only moving on when instructed to do so. The very last sheep ran onto his tier and very delicately head-butted the sheep beside him. I didn’t realise sheep could be trained like dogs. Agrodome 12After the show we were invited onto the stage to take photos and pat the sheep. I was one of the first onto the stage and managed to get some great photos. Agrodome 11 Agrodome 13 Agrodome 14 Agrodome 15 Agrodome 16 Agrodome 17 Agrodome 18 Agrodome 19 Agrodome 20 Agrodome 21 Agrodome 22 Agrodome 23 Agrodome 24 And after the show I had to visit the Woollen Mill to see what goodies I could buy. Agrodome 25 There were heaps of little sheep that tempted me but of course I had to think of what I could carry off the ship. I did end up buying about three little sheep (and one kiwi too) and I’ll feature them in another story. Agrodome 02 Agrodome 03 Agrodome 04 There was plenty of wool for sale too. And yes, I bought some wool and will feature it in another story. I mean, you don’t expect me to travel to New Zealand and not buy wool 🙂 Agrodome 26 There was also this massive old carding machine on display… Agrodome 28 Agrodome 29 All in all this was a very long day as we had visited the Rotorua Thermal Springs prior to The Agrodome. I would certainly recommend you visit The Agrodome if you’re ever in Rotorua; even if you’re not a fibre freak. The sheep show is really entertaining plus there’s also a display of two dogs rounding up some geese on the stage too. I forgot to mention that a sheep was sheared on the stage and then the shearer threw bits of the shorn fleece into the audience so we could all get to feel the greasy lanolin on the fleece. Agrodome 10 I hope you enjoyed this little taste of my New Zealand adventure.

Until next time…