Easter Yarning

Over the years I have collected bits and pieces of china…some cheap and some not so cheap. So I was quite amazed a couple of days ago when I realised that I had a lovely Royal Doulton plate from the Susan Neale ‘Old Country Crafts’ range called ‘The Spinner’.

The Spinner 02

To think I’d had this plate since the early 1990s and didn’t realise it replicated my love of spinning.

Another little plate I picked up on Ebay last year is this one…

Irish Spinning 02

It’s quite beautiful isn’t it. And then there’s this tiny little spinning wheel I also picked up on Ebay last year. Just couldn’t resist it.

Small spinning wheel 02

And here’s the three of them lined up on one of my timber kitchen dressers.

Three spinning 2

Yesterday I washed two lots of handspun that I’ve recently finished spinning. This one is called Kangaroo Paw…

Kangaroo Paw 01

Lovely shades of yellows and reds…

Kangaroo Paw 04

Kangaroo Paw 06

This one is called Rainbow # 2…

Rainbow No 2 02

Rainbow No 2 03

One of my friends asked me whether I spin to get a certain colour effect. Well no, at this stage I consider myself to be an organic spinner and what I mean by that is I spin without thinking of the end result. My aim is just to get it relatively consistent in thickness. Maybe when I’m more experienced I might get a bit more mathematical and scientific about it. With this particular roving I broke it down into many thin strips before spinning as it suited my Peacock spinning wheel that I was using for the first time. It’s a bit chunkier than my previous spinning efforts but I absolutely love the colours in it.

Rainbow No 2 07

These rovings are part of a large bundle I bought from Jumbuck Julie’s Etsy shop and I showed you them all here. This is what they looked like in their roving shape…

Kangaroo Paw 01

Rainbow # 2 01

Now I have a bit of handspun waiting to be knitted into garments….probably hats and scarves at this stage.

One more look at the beautiful Rainbow colours…

Rainbow No 2 05

That’s all my news for now. I hope you’re all having a wonderful Easter and will find some time to do something crafty. Until next time…