Will I Ever Learn???

I did something today that I shouldn’t have. Oh why did I do it? I should know better by now. Ggrrrr.

girl_crying1sheep-crying-emotion-cartoon-character-drawing-41803791I went to Spotlight. Surely I knew that would mean I’d come home with more wool!!! Which I don’t need but I want!!! If I tell you that I paid AU$2.00 a ball for the yarn (except for two balls that were $2.49 each) and saved a whopping $142.52 and only spent $96.98 surely you’d understand why I did this ūüôā

Here it is. Moda Vera Selva which is a 60% wool / 20% alpaca / 20% acrylic. It wasn’t even in Ravelry’s database so I entered it. Bought it in brown, grey and one lonely pink ball. I’m thinking definitely a grey and pink scarf.

MV Selva Brown 01MV Selva Grey 01MV Selva Pink 01Moda Vera Roulotte which is a 100% cotton. I’ll be making some scarves with this cotton and giving them away as gifts. Lovely green, mocha and pink. Maybe some more Minnies.

MV Roulotte Green 01 MV Roulotte Mocha 01 MV Roulotte Pink 01Moda Vera Deli which is a 70% alpaca / 20% wool / 10% yarn. Again, another yarn I added to Ravelry’s database so my photos are now displayed ūüôā Gorgeous blue, brown and a lovely rust colour. Maybe another teddy with the brown!!

MV Deli Blue 01 MV Deli Brown 01 MV Deli Rust 01And these two balls of Bella Baby Marvel Soft Baby 4ply in this gorgeous variegated blue.

Bella Baby Marvel Soft Baby 4ply BlueWhile I’m on a yarn showing roll, I don’t think you’ve seen the latest additions to the Zen Yarn Garden Art Walk Series that I’ve bought from Yarn Glorious Yarn in Brisbane. Sue Wheeler is the sole Aussie supplier of Zen Yarn Garden (ZYG) yarns which are made in Canada. ZYG has been producing an ART Walk Series of yarn, the colours of which are based on famous paintings. They are simply exquisite and I have purchased two skeins in each series. They‚Äôre currently up to Number 19 and can be found at Yarn Glorious Yarn soon after the colours are released. Cost per skein is generally between $32-$36 but well worth the value particularly when some of the yarn has a cashmere content.

The fifteenth¬†offering in the ART WALK Series features a painting by¬†Jackson Pollock entitled “Convergence”. From one medium to the next, artists express their use of colour. Inspired by Pollock, ZYG’s dyer has successfully captured the excitement and¬†complexity¬†of the painting.

‚ÄúConvergence,‚ÄĚ a densely painted artwork filled with a childlike sense of freedom, and staggering complexity and sophistication was created by Jackson Pollock (1912 ‚Äď 1956), the founder of Abstract Expressionism. Laying large canvases on his studio floor, Pollock challenged the tradition of using an easel and brush, pouring and dripping paint with dramatic physical movement, allowing his subconscious to dictate his motions. Influenced by Picasso, Mir√≥, and the Surrealists, Pollock‚Äôs pioneering style and emotional works made him one of the most challenging and influential artists of the 20th century.¬†[quoted from Art.com]

Zen Yarn Garden Pollock Convergence imageTwo skeins of Serenity 20 which is a 70% superwash merino / 20% cashmere / 10% nylon that contains 400 yds / 100g in a 4ply / fingering weight.

ZYG Pollock Convergence 02The sixteenth offering in the ART WALK Series features a painting by Vincent van Gogh¬†entitled “Samaritan”. Inspired by Pollock, ZYG’s dyer has successfully captured the excitement and¬†complexity¬†of the painting.

Vincent Van Gogh (1853 ‚Äď 1890) was a Dutch post-Impressionist Master whose innovative artwork powerfully influenced modern Expressionism, Fauvism, and early abstraction. Astoundingly prolific, Van Gogh produced all of his work during a 10-year period, at one point, creating 150 paintings and drawings within one year. Painting outdoors, Van Gogh uniquely captured the nighttime nuances of light and shadow, and was also renowned for his paintings of sunflowers and irises. Tormented by mental illness for most of his life, Van Gogh created many of his masterpieces while he was institutionalized. Although Van Gogh only sold one painting during his lifetime, he is now regarded as one of the most profoundly influential artists of the 19th century.¬†[quoted from Art.com] ZYG Samaritan imageTwo skeins of Serenity Glitter Sock which is an 80% superwash merino / 10% cashmere / 10% sparkling nylon that contains 400 yds / 100g 4ply / fingering yarn. I adore this colour and hope to make something special with it. Don’t know what yet ūüôā

ZYG Samaritan 04The seventeenth offering the ART WALK Series features a painting by Pablo Picasso¬†entitled “Dish of Pears”. Inspired by Picasso, ZYG’s dyer has successfully captured the excitement and¬†complexity¬†of the painting.

Pablo Picasso (1881 ‚Äď 1973) was an artistic virtuoso who co-founded Cubism, and produced an astounding 20,000 paintings, prints, drawings and sculptures during his brilliant 70-year career. Picasso‚Äôs unparalleled body of work was so vast, and its phases so unique, that art historians have divided it into specific periods. A child prodigy, Picasso took advanced classes at the Royal Academy of Art in Barcelona when he was only 15. His revolutionary Cubist works, with their distorted shapes and fragmented forms, established art as a genre that does not need to literally represent reality. Zealously embracing every medium from primitive art to sketches to Surrealism, Picasso had an unrivaled influence upon 20th century art.¬†[quoted from Art.com]

ZYG Picasso Dish of Pears imageTwo skeins of Serenity Glitter Sock which is an 80% superwash merino / 10% cashmere / 10% sparkling nylon that contains 400 yds / 100g 4ply / fingering yarn.

ZYG Dish of Pears 01Now I just have to find some more hours in the day so I can use all of this yarn plus the two spare bedrooms which are harbouring even more yarn and fibre ūüôā Oh what a dilemma ūüôā

Until next time…



A Riot of Yarn Colour

Okay, you must admit it’s been a while since I’ve shown you any yarn purchases hasn’t it? I’ve really tried to restrain myself and not buy any more yarn and I’ve been relatively successful but could not resist these beauties.

Five balls of this gorgeous Bendigo Woollen Mills Bloom which is a 100% plied DK wool. Each ball weighs 200g and was only AU$10!!

BWM Bloom Green 01This is a graduated changing yarn.

BWM Bloom Green 03And the same yarn in orange….of course…..you know how much I love this colour!

BWM Bloom Orange 01I thought I’d been sent one ball in apricot until a friend very kindly pointed out that it’s probably part of the graduated colour change and she was right.

BWM Bloom Orange 03 I bought these four skeins of Fleece Artist Aran yarn on Ebay a couple of weeks ago from my favourite Ebay yarn shop – A Chronic Yarnoholic. I’m not usually one to buy blues but I just couldn’t resist the combination of these blues, greens, purples, mauves and yellows. Simply stunning!

Fleece Artist Blues Aran 01How could you not love these colours!

Fleece Artist Blues Aran 06This yarn is 100% linen but I don’t know the manufacturer. They’re another Ebay purchase.

Linen Orange 01This is thirteenth¬†offering in Zen Yarn Garden’s ART WALK Series which features a painting by Chin H. Shin¬†entitled “Magical Night in New York¬†“. Inspired by Shin, Zen Yarn Garden’s dyer has successfully captured the vibrancy¬†of the colours of the painting.

Zen Yarn Magical Night 05Beautiful colours aren’t they?

Zen Yarn Magical Night 07Chin has been concentrating on New York cityscapes for the last two years after becoming inspired by the streets of Manhattan.¬†The culture, history, music, and movies of New York serve as a guiding force for¬†his paintings. Technique-wise,¬†he has¬†been influenced by Korean calligraphy and the wild brush strokes of Expressionism. All of these elements have influenced¬†Chin’s work.¬†His goal is to transform these street scenes of daily life into a form of visual poetry. Ultimately,¬†he is looking for an extremely positive¬†mental satisfaction found in¬†his work. This can be broken down technically as light and color; light standing for hope for our future.¬†Hopefully, viewers will understand the intended message¬†Chin is¬†trying to send through¬†his paintings. Moreover, his painting is based on realism, but he believes that there is an unlimited possibility of variations. Whenever he starts a new painting, he paints with curiosity and childish dreams with enormous energy. His painting style uses bold lines and colorful brush strokes, and completes with unique texture. Psychologically, his painting is based on extreme optimism and humanism.¬†[quoted from Chinhshin.com]

Zen Yarn Magical Night imagejpgI bought two skeins of this yarn – Serenity Silk Single which is a 75% superwash merino / 15% cashmere / 10% silk 4ply / fingering yarn and contains 430 yards / 100g in each skein.

This is the fourteenth¬†offering in Zen Yarn Garden’s ART WALK Series which features a painting by Andy Warhol¬†entitled “Stamped Lips¬†“. From one medium to the next, artists express their use of colour. Inspired by Warhol, Zen Yarn Garden’s dyer has successfully captured the vividness¬†of the colours of the painting.

I expect my yarn to arrive tomorrow in the post so I’m showing you a picture that I found on Zen Yarn Garden’s website. It’s really quite different isn’t it?

Zen Yarn Stamped Lips Warhol 03Andy Warhol‚Äôs art defined a decade and a culture. Warhol (1923 ‚Äď 1987), the founder of Pop Art, was also a filmmaker, writer, actor, music video producer and celebrity. He depicted American mass-produced goods that he loved, revealing the beauty within mass culture. ‚ÄúLips‚ÄĚ embodies Warhol‚Äôs belief that popularity is beauty‚ÄĒthe allure lies in its repetition.¬†“Isn’t life a series of images that change as they repeat themselves?”¬†– Andy Warhol ¬†[quoted from Art.com]

Zen Yarn Stamped Lips Warhol imageAs usual, I bought two skeins of this Serenity Silk Single yarn.

I purchase all my Zen Yarn Garden yarn through Australia’s sole distributor – Yarn Glorious Yarn in sunny Brisbane!

That’s not really too much yarn is it???

Until next time…





Aussie Artisan Hand-Dyed Yarns

I live in an area where there are no LYS (local yarn shops) except for Lincraft and Spotlight. While both these shops carry a large range of yarn, they don’t carry much in the way of 4ply, 2ply or hand-dyed yarns. Over the last couple of years I‚Äôve discovered quite a few fantastic Aussie artisan hand-dyers who produce the most gorgeous and delicious yarns plus the occasional ‚Äėbricks and mortar‚Äô shops in Brisbane.

Shorn Fibers is an online shop operating from Minden in SE Queensland, Australia.

Angela is an amazing artisan hand-dyer and for those of you who were at the Redlands Spinners & Weavers camp in September last year, you should remember Angela and the gorgeous array of yarns she displayed in her shop. Her prices are incredibly competitive as well. I have bought tons and tons of yarn from Angela. She knows my weakness for autumn shades and tends to dye exactly what I like. I can never resist purchasing a little bit more each time. I went crazy at camp last year!!

Here’s an array of just some of the yarn I’ve purchased from Shorn Fibers.

Shorn Fibers First Beach and Malarkey 02-tileDyed By Hand Yarns is an online shop located in Melbourne, Australia.

Julie Boydell has been open for business since June 2012 and has a fantastic array of gorgeous yarns in all plies and colours. There is also a yearly Sock Yarn Club which you can join. The theme for 2015 is Wild About Wildflowers ‚Äď colours inspired by native wildflowers of Australia. This is a six month sock yarn only club. You will receive two skeins of sock yarn posted out in the last week in March, May and July. Yarns included will be one skein each of Tough Stocking, Mother‚Äôs Love, Big Blue Stocking, Silk Stocking, Blue Chip Stocking and introducing White Gum Wool 4ply.

Each skein of yarn will be dyed in a colour inspired by an Australian native wildflower. These colours will be exclusive to yarn club members for 12 months. Custom dyeing of these colours may be ordered by yarn club members for the duration of the club. The cost is $165 plus postage.

I have subscribed to the sock yarn club over the last two years and have picked up some stunning colourways.

Dyed By Hand Yarn Vegemite-tileDyed By Hand Yarn Spotted Gum-tileDyed by Hand Yarns Happy Wanderer 03-tileDyed by Hand True Blue-tileDyed by Hand Blue Opal 02-tileDyed by Hand Yarns Flame Tree 01-tileDBHY Surf Life Saving 06-tileDBHY Blue Ringed Octopus 03-tileDBHY Silk Stocking Gorgons Head Coral 02-tileDBHY Mothers Love Monkey Mia 04-tileDBHY Blue Chip Purple Sea Urchin 04-tileDBHY Blue Chip Bass Strait 02-tileAren’t they spectacular!! One of my other favourites from Dyed By Hand Yarns is this stunning Limelight colourway in Tough Stocking which I used to make these socks.

Limelight 03Augustbird is an online shop located in the Adelaide Hills, South Australia. Rebecca Robinson produces some of the most exquisite colourways. If you follow Augustbird on Facebook, Rebecca will usually post a message regarding the current month’s colourways. You have the opportunity to order the colours you prefer and they are hand-dyed on request. I recently completed a test sock knit for Rebecca and received a yarn voucher. I purchased two skeins in a stunning colourway called Songbird which I have yet to knit up. I’m waiting for just the right pattern.

Augustbird songbird Multi 02Augustbird songbird More Blue 02Skein is a small, independent hand-dyed yarn company based in Australia. All Skein yarns and fibres are kettle dyed using professional acid-based dyes. These dyes are permanently set by the use of a vinegar mordant and heat. Once the dyes have been fully absorbed and the kettle water is clear, the yarns and fibre are removed, rinsed and washed with a light, phosphate-free wool wash, and then gently spun and hung out to dry under the Australian sun.

I have purchased quite a bit of yarn from Skein too and found it to be of exceptional quality. The colourways that are offered are quite mind-blowing too.

Skein Alpaca Merino Worsted Wise 02Skein Alpaca Merino Worsted Cardamon 02Skein SpeakeasySkein Green Tea 2Skein Speakeasy 2Now to a couple of fantastic online suppliers of wool rovings. Firstly, Kathy’s Fibres. Kathy has a wonderful range of hand-painted rovings at only $11 for 100g. The colour selection is stunning. I have bought a few and have made a gorgeous scarf in the Forest colourway.

Autumn roving 02-tileJumbuck Julie also dyes some incredibly appealing colourways and her selection is mind-blowing. There is just so much to pick from! I just looked at her Etsy shop and there were 273 colourways available!!! They’re $11.50 each.

These are some of the rovings I’ve purchased from Jumbuck Julie. I’m currently knitting a scarf in the Anemone colourway (top left and bottom right below).

Anemone 01-tileNow to some local Brisbane (and interstate) ‘bricks and mortar’ and online yarn shops.

Yarn Glorious Yarn is situated at Suite 11/180 Moggill Road, Taringa (0438 374 364). You can also purchase online.¬†Shop hours are Wednesday ‚Äď Friday 10am ‚Äď 3pm and Saturday 10am ‚Äď 4pm.

Sue Wheeler is the sole Aussie supplier of Zen Yarn Garden (ZYG) yarns which are made in Canada. ZYG has been producing an ART Walk Series of yarn, the colours of which are based on famous paintings. They are simply exquisite and I have purchased two skeins in each series. They‚Äôre currently up to Number 13 and can be found at Yarn Glorious Yarn. Cost per skein is generally between $32-$36 but well worth the value particularly when some of the yarn has a cashmere content. Sue does not charge for postage if you purchase over $50 worth of yarn, which is always the case with me! Sue also stocks many other brands of yarn. ZYG has just started another series called ‘Inspiration‘. Oh my goodness, the colours are gorgeous!

David Hockney Garrowby Hill 04-tilePurlwise is an online store as well as a bricks and mortar shop located at 4 Comboyne Street, Kendall, NSW. Opening hours are 10am ‚Äď 4pm Thursday ‚Äď Sunday. Purlwise is run by Mark who has been knitting for over 20 years. (02) 6559 0202. All purchases over $50 do NOT incur any postage. You will also receive discounts for purchases over $100, $150, etc. There is a huge range of yarn to select and some very bright and cheerful colourways too.

Yay! for Yarn is an online store operated from Brendale, north of Brisbane. Kiri carries a huge range of yarn and always has yarn and patterns on her Clearance Items page which is worth a visit. Kiri was previously a high school art teacher but in mid 2008 she decided to take her yarn hobby to the next level which is when Yay! for Yarn was started.

That should be enough to whet your appetite don’t you think? There are still more great yarn suppliers in Australia which I’ll cover in a future story.

If I can give you one tip it is to make sure you subscribe to any online newsletters that are offered by these stores to ensure you’re always informed of sales and new yarns. It’s what I do and that’s probably why my stash is enormous! I would also recommend you ‘like’ their Facebook pages and join their Ravelry groups.

Until next time…


The Stash Storage Dilemma!

We all experience it. We all try to find workable solutions for it. We all pull our hair out trying to solve it. Yes, it’s the stash storage dilemma! How to store your ever-growing stash in such a way so you can find what you want, when you want.

My dilemma has just doubled as I have now spread my stash over two spare rooms in order to be able to seek and locate everything I own!! So, if you’re a friend of mine and you wish to bunk down at my place one night, you’re going to have to bring your own fold-up bed! And be prepared to sleep in the lounge room so you’re not classed as a ‘missing person’ the next day because my stash has devoured you ūüôā

Here are some photos I’ve taken to show you. Stash room # 1. This is the top of the single bed. Each bag/container has a different ply yarn stored in it and the plastic bag contains a beautiful alpaca fleece.

Stash Room 01

This is the floor – full of fold-up laundry containers with different types of wool.

Stash Room 02

Plus plastic storage boxes on top of two bookcases. The plastic is great to see what yarn is contained within each box.

Stash Room 03

Bookcase shelves filled to the brim!

Stash Room 04

Alpaca fleece in the pillow slips and boxes of zip lock bags ready for more yarn! Plus more knitting paraphernalia in the drawers including zip lock bags that contain all my longer circular needles.

Stash Room 05

The three cardboard boxes are filled with sock yarn and a bag filled with Cleckheaton yarn. Some wool tops in the pink bag. And a vacant space so you can actually walk into the room!!

Stash Room 06

My project bags hanging on a coat/hat stand.

Stash Room 07

And hiding behind are four plastic storage boxes filled with my small stash of acrylic.

Stash Room 08

Stash room # 2 – I have recently sold and/or donated hundreds of my books to make room for my stash. A couple of empty plastic boxes just waiting to be used!

Stash Room 09

Notebooks, orange folders containing patterns, straight needles in the yellow box, dpns and small circular needles in the two small plastic boxes, knitting books, orange project baskets and knitting/spinning magazines.

Stash Room 10

More patterns in the orange folders,knitting books and knitting/spinning magazines.

Stash Room 11

Patterns waiting to be housed in their orange folders. The 2013 Knitting calendar with lots of useful patterns in it. My son gave me the 2015 for Christmas so I have lots more patterns to look forward to!

Stash Room 12

Lots of baby yarn stored in this room.

Stash Room 13

More baby yarn…Bella Baby Superwash 4ply merino and only $1.50 a ball!! As you can see I bought heaps at that price.

Stash Room 14

More baby yarn. Can you tell I’d love to be a Grandma!!

Stash Room 15

Love my stash of Cascade Superwash 220 and Lana Gatto Super Soft.

Stash Room 16

And inside the wardrobe are just some of the scarves, shawls and cowls I’ve made over the last couple of years. I must find a better way to store them so I know what I have.

Stash Room 17

Any stash storage suggestions would be very gratefully received. ūüôā I’d love to hear how you store your stash as I’m always after better and more efficient ways to store mine so I can find my yarn when I need it.

To finish, I’d like to show you my latest yarn acquisition from Zen Yarn Garden via Yarn Glorious Yarn in Brisbane of course.

This is the twelfth offering in the new ART WALK Series and features a painting by Claude Monet entitled “Study of Olive Trees”. Inspired by Monet, Zen Yarn Garden’s dyer has successfully captured some of the emotion and colour in Monet’s masterpiece.

Zen Yarn Garden Mone Olive 05

Claude Monet (1840 Р1925), the founder of Impressionism, was one of the most influential landscape painters in the history of art. Born in Paris, Monet met fellow Impressionists Renoir, Sisley and Bazille while enrolled in the studio of Glenyre. Monet painted outdoors to convey the fleeting effects of atmosphere, time of day, and season upon color and light. He represented natural color like a prism, breaking it down into its individual components. He often painted a series of the exact same view under different light and weather conditions. [quoted from Art.com]

Zen Yarn Garden Mone Olive pic

I bought two skeins of this Serenity 20 which is a 70% superwash merino / 20% cashmere / 10% nylon. Each skein contains 400 yds / 100g  and is a fingering / 4ply yarn.

I hope you have had a wonderful Christmas break and managed to sneak in lots of knitting too!

Yesterday, I started this lovely scarf which uses lots of small scraps of my my 4ply yarn.

Leftie Scarf 02

I can’t wait to show you the finished scarf. It’s looking fabulous.

Until next time…




Not More Yarn!!!!!


This gallery contains 37 photos.

I guess you’re wondering whether I’ve been buying any more yarn recently hey? Well surprise, surprise….I have been stockpiling quite a few new purchases and thought it was about time I showed them to you. I am keeping Australia’s (and … Continue reading

Starry Night Scarf

I love this yarn and I love this pattern! This is my Starry Night Scarf made using Stitchnerd’s pattern called Cable Bias Scarf. It is so easy as it’s quite repetitive.

Starry Night Scarf 01

Most of the pattern is just straight garter stitch which makes it a perfect portable project if you’re visiting friends or in my case, attending my Knit and Knatter group twice a month. I can easily talk while knitting the scarf as I have memorised the pattern.

Starry Night Scarf 02

The cable is quite easy too and once you’ve completed a few repeats of the pattern, you’ll soon have it embedded in your mind!

Starry Night Scarf 05

Although this photo does not show the lovely colours of the scarf, it gives you an idea of the shape which is asymmetrical. Stitchnerd provides lots of easy to read instructions so don’t be put off by the four pages of the pattern. She goes to a lot of trouble to explain everything, step-by-step.

Starry Night Scarf 08

Here’s a few close up photos of the beautiful colours in the yarn.

Starry Night Scarf 11

I love the look of the cable border.

Starry Night Scarf 10

The yarn I used was the¬†third offering in Zen Yarn Garden’s new ART WALK Series¬†that featured a painting by Vincent van Gogh entitled ‚ÄúStarry Night‚ÄĚ which inspired this colourway. I used two skeins for this scarf.

Serenity Worsted is a 10ply 75% merino¬†/¬†15% cashmere / 10% nylon yarn and it is incredibly beautiful to work with. It is so soft and squishy and does not split. I’m really enjoying using worsted weight¬†yarns as a change from fingering.

Yarn Glorious Yarn in Brisbane is the Australian supplier of the ART WALK Series so if you’re interested in purchasing any of the new¬†series (once they sell out they are never repeated) just contact Sue. There are still skeins of Series 5 available.

I’ve purchased two skeins from each series. If you want to see them, simply type ART WALK in the search button at the top right hand corner of my blog and hit enter.

Zen Yarn Garden Starry Night 6

One more look.

Starry Night Scarf 03

I have already started my second scarf using this pattern and it’s looking spectacular. Yesterday, I also visited Stitchnerd’s¬†Ravelry page and bought three more scarf patterns…..the Zen Bias Knits. Can’t wait to start¬†knitting them. I have some yarn picked out for the first one….Leafy Bias. It’s the Sullivans Aztec alpaca / acrylic / polyamide yarn I featured in yesterday’s blog.

BTW, Stitchnerd also designed the pattern for the two Samothrace Wings Scarfs I recently blogged about.

Gotta fly….can’t spend all day sitting here talking to you ūüôā Hope you’re having a fantastic weekend.

Don’t forget, if you ever wish to contact me you can do so through the Contact Me area along the top banner of my blog.

Until next time…


The Cutest Little Baby Cardigans

I spend a lot of time on Ravelry and there are particular knitters whose projects I like to check out to see what they’re knitting at the current time. One of my fave knitters has made this little cardigan quite a few times so I decided to buy the pattern and make it too.

In Threes Cardi 03

Isn’t it just the cutest little baby cardi you’ve ever seen? The best thing about this pattern is it’s all knitted in the round and in one piece. Yay!! No seams….no joining. All you have to do is sew on the buttons. How easy is that? And it’s all plain and purl knitting so an ideal pattern for a beginner who wants to get a bit daring and start knitting larger items with a bit more detail.

In Threes Cardi 05

I used one of my all time favourite 10ply (worsted) yarns for this project. It’s Cascade 220 Superwash and it’s fantastic to knit with. This yarn is part of the bulk ‘end of dyelot’ sale I purchased from Yarn Glorious Yarn. I’m so glad I splashed out and bought so many balls as I’m slowly working my way through them knitting all sorts of goodies.

Cascade 220 Superwash 1976 Sunshine Heather 2

I used this yarn to make my Mock Cable Baby Hat and Ribbed Pumpkin Hat and I’ve just finished knitting some slippers in this yarn as well which I’ll feature soon.

The pattern I used is ‘In Threes: A Baby Cardigan’. This link will take you to some photos of the cardigan with little bodies in it! It’s perfect with a little long sleeved top underneath.

This is the back view of the cardi.

In Threes Cardi 02

One more pic….

In Threes Cardi 01

Now because I loved this pattern so much I made two more cardigans! This one is size 18 months and I added another repeat at the bottom and by doing this I used up the whole ball of yarn less a few centimetres.

In Threes Cardi Beach 01

I’ve called this cardi ‘Beach’ as the colours remind me of the sea, sun, sand and occasional cloud at the beach.

In Threes Cardi Beach 03

It looks quite long doesn’t it? But hopefully it’ll keep an 18 month old extra warm around its little bottom and the top of the legs.

In Threes Cardi Beach 04

The yarn I used is Ice Yarns Dancing Baby which is a 100% acrylic DK yarn. I used 4.5mm circular needles. Now I generally only use acrylic for decorations or for items in the home and not for garments, however, I just couldn’t resist the colours in this yarn and being acrylic it will be easier for a mum to maintain although I would still be handwashing any baby items rather than tossing them in the washing machine.

Ice Yarn Multi White Brown Orange Yellow Blue

This is the size 0-6 months size. Again, it is just too cute for words.

In Threes Sand n Sea 01

I called this cardi ‘Sand ‘n’ Sea’ as it reminds me of the sand and the sea.

In Threes Sand n Sea 03

In Threes Sand n Sea 05

Yes, you guessed it, this cardi is also made with Ice Yarns Dancing Baby. How can you resist these colours?

Ice Yarn Multi White Camel Blue

And just to finish it off I made this little Ribbed Pumpkin Hat to match the cardi.

Pumpkin Hat Sand n Sea 01

Pumpkin Hat Sand n Sea 03

Pumpkin Hat Sand n Sea 04

In Threes Sand n Sea 01-tile

All I need now is a grandchild but I don’t think that’s going to happen for quite a while. Although by the time a grandchild does arrive he or she will have a massive knitted wardrobe full of everything imaginable!

So for the moment these cardigans will be going into my ‘Grandma’s glory box’.

This cardigan pattern is definitely a favourite one for me and one I’ll be using quite a few times I imagine.

Until next time…