Random Tracks Socks Pattern

Please let me know if you have any problems with the pattern or if you find any errors. Have fun making my Random Tracks Socks!

You can download a pdf copy of the pattern here.





11 thoughts on “Random Tracks Socks Pattern

  1. Love your pattern. As a beginner knitter, however, I got confused re track pattern directions – do the three rows repeat? or is one to figure out how succeeding rows progress. The rest of the directions seem quite clear to me. Thanks –


  2. On the “Turn Heel” instructions, what does the term “sks” mean? In 50+ years of knitting, I’ve never run across this, and I can’t find it in any knitting glossary. I’m assuming it’s a decrease? Like a “slip slip knit” (ssk)?


      • Oh, all right. I looked on the pattern and couldn’t find it. That’s what I’ve always heard called the SKP (slip, knit, pass). Thanks!


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