Newborn Knits

It has been a number of months since my last post. One of my blog followers actually contacted me to see why I hadn’t posted in a while. What can I say?? Life just got so busy and gradually the weeks slipped away. From working three days a week, I have also gone back to full time work until later this year so my time is even more limited when it comes to my personal pursuits. I’ve also been on holidays as well as downsizing my spinning wheels, sheep collection and yarn stash.

Yes, it was getting to the point where my sheep and wheels were literally meeting me at the door! I realise I had to take control and start managing my collection so I’ve managed to move quite a few of my sheep and wheels to new owners and now my home looks much roomier and neater. Do not despair; I still have five spinning wheels and plenty of sheep to keep me company 🙂 I have kept all the sheep that were gifted to me 🙂

Despite all this, I have still managed to do lots of knitting, some crocheting and some spinning so I’ll show you a few of the items I’ve made over the last couple of months.

One of my friends will become a first time grandma in winter this year so I’ve made some garments for the new baby. As we don’t know the gender of the new bub, I’ve used red, white and green as neutral colours that should suit either a boy or a girl.

Red and White

The In Threes baby cardigan is an absolute favourite pattern of mine and it’s available on Ravelry. There are over 7,000 projects attached to this pattern!! I’ve made quite a few of these cardis as I love the pattern so much J

Watermelon Cardi Red White

These little Baby Hug Boots are so easy to make. I’ve adapted the pattern to use dpns so I can knit them in the round. I just seam the sole. For the red and white hat I used the pattern Greenleaf Baby Hat which is also on Ravelry.

Red White Booties
For the red hat I used the pattern Three Textured Baby Hats that features this pattern: King Charles Brocade. For the green hat I used the same pattern: English Diamond Block. The little white hat is made using the pattern Lomond Baby Hat.

Red White Hats

I’ve also just finished crocheting this lovely corner to corner baby blanket. I have so much baby yarn so this was the perfect project to use up some of that yarn. I must admit I do love the C2C blankets. They’re easy to make when you’re at a group as there’s not much concentration required. This is the third baby C2C that I’ve made. As soon as I finished this blanket I immediately went upstairs and sorted through my baby yarn, selected some new colours and started crocheting another blanket J

C2C 01C2C 02C2C 03C2C 04C2C 07

Still on the baby track, my neighbour’s daughter is having a little girl in a couple of months’ time  so I made this cute little Watermelon Baby Cardigan. Again, the pattern is on Ravelry. I’ve made quite a few of these cardis as they’re so adorable and quick to knit up.

Pink PurpleWatermelon Cardi Pink Purple

I made two pairs of Baby Hug Boots in different sizes and just reversed the two colours.

Pink Purple Booties

The pink hat is made using the pattern Button Baby Beanie. The mauve hat is made using the Lomond Baby Hat pattern.

Pink Purple Hats

So as you can see, even though you haven’t heard from me for a while, my fibre and yarn pursuits continue. I try to make sure I knit or crochet every day of the year.

I’ve also made quite a few pair of socks so I may feature them in my next post.

Until next time…


Stash….an uncontrollable life force living in my home

Yes, that’s exactly how I’d describe my stash. It started as one ball of wool and now consists of nearly a room full of wool. I don’t remember how this happened so I can only surmise that it grew of its own accord.

I don’t take any blame for this….I blame the internet which has enabled me to sit at my computer in my PJs and leisurely click on the ‘Add to Cart’ button. I didn’t realise how much damage this could do! A few years ago I would have had to get dressed and actually drive to a shop to purchase yarn. Although it wouldn’t have been the simply scrumptious yarns I can buy ‘at the click of a mouse button’.

Do you know how many yarn shops there are online? There are heaps in Australia but even more around the world…..although at this stage I’ve only purchased from within Australia. Even in Brisbane I can purchase online from Yay for Yarn, Yarn Glorious Yarn, Tangled Yarns, Threads and More and then there’s K2tog in Albury. They can run but they can’t hide…..I will discover them!

And then of course there’s and My my my….how often have I purchased yarn from all the various sellers. I’ve had my eye on some sock yarn but at $55 I’ve had to control myself as even this seems a bit extreme. This will probably give you an idea of how much yarn I’ve purchased in the last year…nearly every morning as I walk to work my local Australia Post parcel driver waves to me from his van as he passes me. That’s how well he knows me. And then there’s the number of books I purchase from The Book Depository and I am an online store’s dream customer don’t you think? And here’s one more pic of my stash. By the way, don’t get any ideas of crashing the night at my place because there’s no room in my spare room for you!