Yesterday was World Wide Knit In Public Day and a new record was set. In total there were 882 Knit In Public events in 56 different countries. Ten new countries joined this year:
Japan, Indonesia, China, Kuwait, Philippines, Cyprus, Faroe Island, Ecuador, Gibraltar and France. This year there were also more than 200 events than last year..that’s also a record. Doesn’t this show that the world really needs knitting – and the mission with this project is: “Better Living Through Stitching Together”.

wwkipsouthpacific2The Redlands Spinners & Weavers Knit and Knatter group registered for WWKIPDAY. Eleven of us turned up with our knitting, crocheting and I brought along my spinning wheel and did some spinning and some knitting too.

K&K 13-6-15 01Heads down and busy knitting!

K&K 13-6-15 03

K&K 13-6-15 04K&K 13-6-15 05This is my wheel with one completed bobbin of spinning (on the table). I still haven’t been able to identify the maker of this wheel.

K&K 13-6-15 06Unfortunately for me, but maybe fortunately for everyone else 🙂 I had just about lost my voice yesterday. On Friday, I started feeling a bit odd, on Friday night my throat was so sore and on Saturday morning when I was shopping at my local deli I opened my mouth to tell the sales assistant what I was after and nothing came out!! Oh no!! This is not what I need when I have a few busy days ahead. Consequently, today I was supposed to be helping out sorting and wrapping raffle baskets for our Open Day which is on this Tuesday!! I’ve had to pull out and try to rest today as tomorrow I will have to go into work for a short time. If I’m not feeling well enough I’ll come home early and then hope on Tuesday I wake up feeling a lot better.

To finish off I’m going to show you this lovely cardigan I bought not long ago. One of the ladies at spinning was wearing one and I just loved the colour so I asked her where she bought it from. I rang my local Rockmans and they managed to track one down for me in my size and now I have one!!

Rockmans cardi Sunkist frontRockmans cardi Sunkist backOf course, you knew it would either be orange or green didn’t you? It’s acrylic but that’s okay as it fits beautifully and I’ve worn it to work already and received some positive comments.

wwkipsouthpacific2That’s all from me today as I’m not feeling 100%. I can’t wait until Tuesday for Open Day! Hope you have a wonderful week.

Until next time…


Quick Weekend Update

Just had to show you a couple of items I bought from the charity stall that’s held at least once a month where I live. I pass it on my way to work so it’s always an ideal opportunity to have a quick look to see what other crafty people are making.

You can never have enough of these very handy tea towels. I use mine every day.

Hand towel 01

Hand towel 2

I haven’t even taken this towel out of its packet yet as it is so well presented.

Hand towel 3

Hand towel 4

I can never resist these little goodies.

Yesterday I attended another fun-filled Knit and Knatter gather at The Artist Tree. I’m not in this photo as I was taking it!

Knit and Knatter 9-11-13

One of ladies made this gorgeous crocheted Afghan blanket for her grandson. It’s based on the Squaring the Big Circle pattern.


Here’s some pictures of the beautiful vivid colours in the blanket. Aren’t they simply stunning?




I took along some baby alpaca fleece that I purchased recently and one of the ladies showed me how to use a flick carder on it so that is my next purchase so I can start spinning the fleece. Busy, busy, busy. I just don’t have the hours in the day to do everything I want to do!

Until next time…