A Stash of Seven Spinning Wheels

Yikes I’ve bought two more spinning wheels within the last week! I’ve actually bought three within the last couple of months but I sold one of them. In December I found this lovely Little Peggy spinning wheel for sale on Ebay and I won the bidding at $101.

Little Peggy 1

It had been nicely restored and was a good find. As I already have a Little Peggy I decided to sell this one and managed to get $200 for it. This little one even came with the original threading hook which I didn’t have so I kept her!

Last Saturday I bought this Ettrick Standard on Gumtree for $100.

Ettrick Wheel 04

I used my magic concoction of 50% boiled linseed oil and 50% pure gum turps to give her a quick clean and polish and she looks beautiful now!

Ettrick Wheel 05

That little hole is for the threading hook which I have got…just forgot to put it back before I took the photo!

Ettrick Wheel 07

Here it is!

Ettrick Wheel 19

The treadle/footman had a bit of dodgy string so I’ve since used some leather to fix it up.

Ettrick Treadle Footman join

And today I picked up this Ashford Traditional plus some accessories that I won on Ebay for $51.

Ebay pic

A bargain considering it includes two hand carders plus the Lazy Kate (and four bobbins). There was also the original user manual plus some other printed spinning literature.

Ebay pic 02

As soon as I got home I gave her a nice coating of my magic concoction and she came up a treat.

Ashford Traditional No 2 01

The leather piece that joins the footman and treadle had completely broken however the previous owner had also given me some pieces of leather so I fashioned a new one and voila!

Ashford Traditional No 2 05

Luckily I had an Ashford maintenance kit as I had to replace all the hooks, spring, drive belt and I also have a nice new threading hook too!

Ashford Traditional No 2 02

I was going to on-sell this little wheel as I already have an Ashford Traditional however I’m quite smitten with the colour of this one so I’ll hang on to her for a while I think.

Ashford Traditional No 2 06

I’m quite happy with these two bargains within the last week.

Ashford Traditional No 2 09

I now have two Ashford Traditionals, one Ashford Traveller, one Little Peggy, one Wee Peggy, one Tarra Carousel and one Ettrick Standard. Seven spinning wheels you’re no doubt thinking. I know! I know! I’m crazy aren’t I? I mean you can only use one at a time can’t you?

L to R: Spinning chair, Ashford Traveller and Tarra Carousel.

7 Wheels 01

L to R: Little Peggy, Wee Peggy, Ettrick Standard, new Ashford Traditional, my first ever spinning wheel – Ashford Traditional.

7 Wheels 02

L to R: Ettrick Standard and two Ashford Traditionals.

7 Wheels 03

L to R: Little Peggy, Wee Peggy and Ettrick Standard.

7 Wheels 04

Now I need to get cracking and start using them all. I know I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again….there are just not enough hours in the day.

I think my new mantra should be “I will not look at Ebay and Gumtree, I will not look at Ebay and Gumtree…..” What do you think?

Until next time…


Brisbane Bookfest Bargains!

Brisbane can boast that it holds the largest second hand book sale in the world! And it’s held twice a year….in January and in June. There are literally millions of books. It’s called the Lifeline Bookfest and I love travelling to the city twice a year to grab some bargains. They even have their own Facebook page. This January they’re open for 10 days!

Lifeline Bookfest 03

As I arrived yesterday morning (the first day), I could actually feel my heart rate elevate in anticipation of what bargains I would find. As you walk into the Great Halls of the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre, there are huge crates of books ready to be used to refill tables after the first couple of days.

Lifeline Bookfest 01

Ideally, I would love to go on the first and second day of the Bookfest but as parking cost me $18 yesterday and it’s a 45 minute drive each way, I’ve only ever managed the one day. Besides, it is quite exhausting walking for hours looking at books. I was there for just over four hours.

Have a look at the set up. It’s amazing and this is only a section of the tables.

Lifeline Bookfest 02

I always head for the high priced section as that’s where the more current books are. I pay from between $5 and $8 for each book and that’s still way cheaper than retail price. Here are some of my bargains.

Bookfest 01

Thought these two books would be handy when I retire and I have more time and can knit for charity.

Bookfest 02

Lots of interesting ideas here.

Bookfest 03

Just what I need….more socks!

Bookfest 04

I’ve never thought about rug knitting before. I do love colourful Afghans.

Bookfest 05

Some gorgeous patterns in these books.

Bookfest 06

I have The Gentle Art of Knitting so I may even sell this one on Ebay. This is one of my favourite knitting books and it contains the pattern for the Starburst Flower Crochet Blanket that I made.

Bookfest 07

More gorgeous Afghan patterns.

Bookfest 08

Lots of helpful information here.

Bookfest 09

And of all things….a knitting journal.

Bookfest 10

A beautiful pattern book by Kaffe Fasset and it was only $2.50!

Kaffe Fassett

I’m selling these two on Ebay as I already have all three of Loani Prior’s tea cosy books. This is her first book and it’s harder to get hold of.

Felt n Tea Cosies

A knitting pattern book by Debbie Bliss.

DBliss Home

And lastly, some notebooks that ranged from between 50c and $2. I use these to keep a record of my row counts and any modifications I make to patterns.

Notebooks 01

They sure do have colourful covers don’t they?

Notebooks 02

All in all another successful visit to the Lifeline Bookfest. To offset the book expenses, I managed to sell a Little Peggy spinning wheel today for twice as much as I bought it over the Christmas period. The new owner was ecstatic with the wheel and I was ecstatic with the sale!

Little Peggy 1

It’s a 1978 John Rappard Little Peggy and the reason I didn’t keep her is because I already have one!.

Little Peggy 6

Don’t forget, if you live in Brisbane and can get along to the Lifeline Bookfest you won’t regret it! You may also get some bargains like I did.

Bookfest 01

I hope you had a great weekend and did lots of crafty and yarnie bits and pieces. I finally finished my Glitz at the Ritz shawl which I’ll show you a little later. It’s outside blocking at the moment.

Until next time…


My Gorgeous Little Peggy Spinning Wheel

I am soooo excited as I believe I have managed to buy a second hand Little Peggy spinning wheel. I was dabbling in Ebay last week when I saw this little beauty being advertised for sale. It is very rare to see a Little Peggy on sale in Australia let alone in Brisbane! The courier charge for the wheel was $70 however the seller only lived at Loganholme about 30 minutes drive from my place which was a bonus so I drove out there yesterday and picked up my Little Peggy.

Ironically, in 1975 my family lived in Loganholme for a short time. Talk about a coincidence; the house where I picked up my Little Peggy was within viewing distance of my old home. It was a real walk down memory lane and made me feel quite nostalgic.

But I digress…..back to my Little Peggy. I have taken some photos and am hoping some of my blog followers might be able to answer some questions for me. I have also sent an email to an address that I found on the New Zealand Spinning Wheels webpage that talks about the Rappard Little Peggy and Wee Peggy spinning wheels.

This number is written on the bottom of the wheel which leads me to believe it was built in 1979.

Little Peggy 01

Little Peggy 02

Little Peggy 03

Little Peggy 04

The two parts that are indicated below by the two arrows are loose and can be lifted out of their housing. What is the part indicated by the pink arrow?

I have since found out this is the retaining pin, and should be in the hole on the other side to stop the bobbins falling off the metal rods. Its hole, on the right side, is meant for the threading hook which has been lost. However, I have a threading hook from my Ashford spinning wheel that I can use.

Little Peggy 05a

Is the blue arrowed part a tension knob that is inserted into the area in the photo below indicated by the blue arrow. And yes, I have since learned that is the tension knob.

Little Peggy 06a

Little Peggy 07

Little Peggy 08

Little Peggy 09

Would this be the original joining of the treadle or a home made fix up job?

Little Peggy 10Little Peggy 11

Little Peggy 12

Some of the metal parts of the wheel feel a bit rusty and rough. What’s the best way to clean them up. The wheel spins quite well which I am happy with although I need a belt/cord to drive it.

I can’t wait to hear back from Mary at New Zealand Spinning Wheels about all the questions I’ve asked her about this (possible) Little Peggy spinning wheel.

I would also love to hear any feedback from you.

I am soooo happy!

NEWSFLASH: Before I got to release this post I received a response to my email from Mary Knox and yes, I have a Little Peggy spinning wheel!!! From my photos sent to Mary, she believes it is in very good order and it was quite unusual for one to have slipped out of the workshop without the Rappard name on it, usually under the treadle. Mary has provided me with lots of information. Unfortunately it is difficult to get spare bobbins and she recommended I try and contact a wood turner.

This story just keeps getting better….a few months ago I read a story about my old boss in the local Sunday Paper. Over the years, he has learnt how to turn wood and now runs demonstrations. The gods certainly are shining down on me. I will email him and provide some photos and see whether he can make me a few bobbins.

I am hoping to have my second spinning lesson soon and will be learning how to ply the fleece I have already spun. I will chat to my spinning teacher about getting a drive band.

Off to stare lovingly at my Little Peggy…..again 🙂

Talk soon…